Will the Server ID change if I move SonarQube to a new host/instance?

I’m running SonarQube Enterprise 7.3 on an AWS EC2 instance with a Postgres database in Amazon RDS.

I would like to upgrade the underlying OS. Our typical approach is to deploy a new EC2 instance or container, deploy the new version of the app, and then cut over. I’m concerned this will break our license as it is based on the Server ID.

Will the Server ID change if I move SonarQube to a new host/instance?



The part of your Server ID relevant to licensing is based on your JDBC URL, rather than your host as in some past versions. Don’t change your JDBC URL? You’re good to go.

Of course, it’s always good to practice on a test instance first.



@Colin thank you for the quick reply! That’s what I was hoping :slight_smile:


We aren’t changing our JDBC_URL in our docker build but whenever we make a change to the compose file while testing, and restart the container the system id has changed.

Is there a way to check why this is happening and also a way to stop it? When it comes to upgrades this is going to be hard to maintain as a new license key will be required each time.


In my case I did change my JDBC_URL once I built a new server but since I had to restore the old data in new sonar server , I had to disable the web and then remove the old DB and got the new DB prepared and then the web app was started but It did changed the serverID for me , now Every time I am restarting web my JDBC url seems fixed but my container always consider a new start so it changes the serverID all the time ?

Is there a way to change/update the serverID in running app and be able to use the one that is used for license ? Any input would be highly appreciated.


If the database is completely wiped and SonarQube started from scratch, you may also get a new Server ID. This should be a rare event, even after a few projects/users are onboarded.

@Colin. yes in my case I migrated from Kubernetes pod base database to Azure Postgres DB , so I had to wipe the DB and started the web pod so it can re-populate the DB , I am unsure if I can control the web app to not create the new serverID when I restart It , As of now whenever I tried it It keep changing the moment I restart the webApp. So my old serverID license is not being applied.

Sonarqube sales team are also a little annoyed from me giving them new ID every time , But I was suggested that I can edit/change my serverID , is there any suggestion on how I can do it ? I just want to change to the serverID that the license is associated with ?


@Colin or anyone , Can anyone please share any idea , I am kind of stuck how to edit the serverID in sonar so the set license can be used.

“set new license” feature I guess would only work when your serverID won’t change. In my case I won’t be wiping/removing the DB anymore also my DB connection string is not going to change, since my sonar server in running in Kubernetes pod I am assuming the pod/process restarts won’t always get a serverID as my connection string is same ?

How do I update my serverID with the license manager one ?

Please help.



You cannot edit your Server ID.

If you have a stable Server ID (your Database won’t be wiped and started again), you should request a new license from contact@sonarsource.com.

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