[WebApi] Endpoint to set default project visibility?

i’m creating a custom HELM-Chart for deploying SonarQube. In this i have a pre-install hook, which configures the newly created instance. For example groups, templates settings etc.
I’d like to configure the default visibility for projects as well (should be private).
Until now, i did not find a suitable API, so the questions is:

  • is there an API?
  • if not, is there a setting?

Thanks a lot!
Best reagrds,

BTW i’m currently testing with version 9.5

Hey there.

Take a look at this guide:

Hi Colin,
thanks for your reply. That helped.
One question: At the WepApi view there is a switch for internal Api so i know, where i might have problems in the future.
By just looking up the Api trought my browser i have no clue about what kind of Api i’m using. While this might not be a problem it would be much cleaner if the documentation would cover all the apis.

Best regards,

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