Upgrading Java analyzer from v5.14 to v6.3.2 with Sonarqube 7.9 LTS will increase 2x the analysis time

Hi guys,
since we upgraded SonarJava plugin from v5.14 to v6.3.2 on our Sonarqube server v7.9 LTS the performance of the analysis scanner decreased dramatically, passing from 35m-40m in avarage to 1h18m-1h20m…

Can you please help us identify the issue and find a way to fix it?

PS. I already followed and read this Java analyzer v6.0: more accurate analysis, with fewer false-positives

@Alexandre_Gigleux do you have any clue about that? thanks in advance!!

Hello @andreatera,

As you read it in the announcement, the v6.0 of the Java analyzer introduced some performance degradation compared to the 5.14 and the 6.3.x was released to come back to almost the figures of the 5.14.

I believe it would be great to share more details about your scan time differences to confirm that the degradation you observed is really coming from the upgrade of the Java analyzer and not from another root cause (same build machine?, exact same code scanned?, …). Can you share privately the logs of both scans?

Also, I believe it would be good to try the latest release of SonarQube, the v8.7 were you will get the best performance we can deliver so far. I don’t ask you to upgrade your production installation, just try the v8.7 on a similar env as your current 7.9 LTS.


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