Unit test in sonarquabe

Unit tests has no information in my project although coverage percentage is existing.
Php code

Hey there.

You’ll need to pass a Test Execution Report to your analysis.

write sonar.php.tests.reportPath=phpunit.report.xml but still no information

Failed to resolve 2 file path(s) in PHPUnit tests phpunit.report.xml report. Nothing is imported related to file(s): C:\wamp64\www\Student Services\tests\ServiceTest.php;C:\wamp64\www\Student Services\tests\connectionTest.php

Missing blame information for 23 files. This may lead to some features not working correctly. Please check the analysis logs and refer to the documentation.

Hey @nagla_aly

Based on your other thread, you are trying to run your build in GitHub actions using ubuntu-latest – why does your test report have windows file paths?

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