Unable to start Sonarqube 7.7 on CentOS 7

I have installed Sonarqube 7.7 on AWS server with CentOS 7, MYSQL version 5.6.43

When i start sonarqube with non-root user i get the message as

Started Sonarqube

After checking the status it says: SonarQube is not running… Checked everything but nothing seems to be working…

The logs folder with sonr.log, web.log and es.log also displays errorwith yesterday’s date and not the current scenario… Dunno what to do… Please help




You’ve posted this same issue in two places. This new thread (which is actually preferred) and in this old thread:

Doing so draws a double share of community resources. Please don’t do that.

Since I noticed the old thread first and replied there. I’m going to close this one.