Typescript support for SonarLint-extension for Visual Studio?

Hey there,

we want to use the Sonar ecosystem to improve code quality in our projects. We’re using mostly C# for our backend and Angular for our frontend.
Is there any ETA for Typescript support in Visual Studio? I’m aware that the Visual Studio Code extension supports Typescript but we don’t really want to switch between IDEs.


Hi @RobCo,

We don’t have an ETA currently. We are just starting our planning phase for the upcoming year and the question of which additional language/IDE combinations to support is definitely part of that. I’ll post an update when I have more information.


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Hey Duncan,

thanks for the update.
Looking forward to hear about your upcoming plans!
Keep being awesome! :wink:


Any news for this?

Hello @szdolhan and welcome to the community!
Adding Typescript support to SonarLint for Visual Studio is indeed something we are planning to work on. I cannot share an exact ETA, still you can except some news in the next few months.
We will share an update here as soon as we have something.

I am happy to announce that support for TypeScript has just been added to SonarLint for Visual Studio. I suggest you to update SonarLint to the latest version.
I hope you enjoy that, don’t hesitate to leave us your feedback!


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