Support Gitlab plugin for sonarqube

Hi All,

It looks like the gitlab plugin for sonarqube has been discontinued (, but there are some guys interested on keep supporting it.

What should we do to take ownership?



Hi @David_Marin

With the removal of the preview mode in 7.7, I don’t see how this plugin could work. I you are using SonarCloud or a commercial edition of SonarQube, you can easily have pull request analyzed, but you’ll not be able to see the result in GitLab.

We have frozen any effort on GitLab topic. We got in touch with them a couple of times, and there is no appetite on their side to have a fruitful collaboration. We prefer to concentrate on partners whom we work great with.

Hi @Julien_HENRY,
It is unfortunate, A lot of dev would like to plug Sonar with gitlab Merge Requests support for GitLab

And Gitlab seems to be ready to improve even if sonar support is lagging behind