Successful Analysis and Post Processing Step but there is empty project on sonar qube


In looking at the property dumps… I guess both processes are running on the same box? It’s striking to me that only some of the paths change - the working directories go local vs absolute, but the coverage report paths stay the same.

I’ve gone back to the analysis logs & noticed this on the Jenkins side:

20:00:55 Default properties file was found at /SonarQube.Analysis.xml
20:00:55 Loading analysis properties from /SonarQube.Analysis.xml

Now, I would expect any properties that it’s loading from that file to show up in the property dumps, so that’s probably not it. But maybe worth looking at. Perhaps it explains the differences in the way the files are indexed:


INFO:   Base dir: SCasinosmain_so@2/Unity
INFO:   Source paths: Assets/Plugins/iOS/IOSOpenSetting.cs, Assets/Plugins/Librarie...
INFO:   Excluded sources: Assets/AltUnityTester/**, Assets/Plugins/**

vs Jenkins

INFO:   Base dir: SCasinosmain_so/Unity
INFO:   Included sources: Assets/HeartOfVegas/**, Assets/TerahardScripts/**, Assets/AppAssetsCode/**, Assets/CoreTech/**, Assets/Editor/**, Assets/Utils/**

Can you take a look at that settings file?