Sonarsource developer edition -> decoration doesnt show on bitbucket

Java version: openjdk version “11.0.5”
PostgreSQL version: PostgreSQL 11.5

I am having issues with getting the decoration to appear on bitbucket when the scan is complete. On sonarqube, it shows the report (which isnt picking up any changes either, just shows no errors, even with null pointers purposly added) as a “success” with a link to view the actual PR from bitbucket. It takes you to bitbucket, yet, there is no decoration of SQ visible. My logs (es.log and sonar.log) are non stop filling with what appears to be memory maps. I posted a sample of the logs, but as I said, it keeps going non stop. I would assume thats the main issue at hand, yet I do not know how to approach it to solve this issue I am having.
sonar_log.txt (48.5 KB)

Any help is appreciated!