SonarQube VSTS Extension v4.23.0 Fails to Launch

Greetings folks,

Thank you again for reaching out.

Last Friday, a new release of the Extension for Azure DevOps was published to address this issue. This required making sure the tasks began to run on a NodeJS 10 runtime.

What we did not anticipate was that this would require a newer version of the build agent than the versions of TFS/Azure DevOps that the extension declares compatibility with.

For now, as we sort out the best way forward on our side, there are two potential workarounds:

  • Manually install newer versions of the Azure Pipelines Agent on your build servers (at least newer than v2.144.0 ). We cannot guarantee the compatibility of newer versions of the build agent with the version of TFS / Azure DevOps you are using.
  • Remove the existing version of the extension ( v4.22.0 ) and manually install an old version of the Extension for Azure DevOps ( v4.22.0 which does not include the changes made last Friday. Documentation for managing extensions can be found here. Uninstalling the extensions snd installing a new (well, old) version will preserve the tasks configured for existing pipelines.
    • You may need to clear the _ work directory of existing agents to ensure the newer task version is not cached

If you choose to use one of these workarounds, please let us know which one you choose. In the meantime, if you face this issue, please let us know what version of TFS / Azure DevOps you are using.

We will keep you posted in case of any updates.

Best regards,


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