SonarQube throwing errors for .Net applications

  1. Version 8.1 (build 31237) of SonarQube
  2. Try to run for one of our .Net applications.
  3. We have MS Build 15 installed
    Result: We are getting errors "SonarQube Analysis is only supported with MSBuild 14 or later
    Why are we getting these errors when we have MSBuild 15 installed? What else we could do to successfully run the SonarQube? We have been spending 18 hours on this issues. Please provide some suggestion as we need this for our POC.

Hi @nshahmir. Welcome to the community.

Which version of the SonarScanner for MSBuild are you using? Upgrade to the latest version if not.

Do you have multiple versions of MSBuild installed on the machine, and if so is your build definitely picking up v15.x? (the MSBuild version will be in the first line of the MSBuild output).

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