SonarQube rules sync problem in SonarLint


Currently I’m facing a problem where inactive and active rules are not synced with the SonarQube default profile. There are inactive rules in the profile that appear active in SonarLint. Although there are not sync errors it seem that the sync does not occur.

I’m using the latest SonarLint version in Eclipse and SonarQube Community Edition Version 7.7 (build 23042)

Anyone encountered similar issue?

Thank you

Hello, thanks for asking and sorry for taking so much time to notice this thread.

Do you still have synchronization issues with recent versions of SonarLint?

You might want to enable verbose logging in the SonarLint Console in Eclipse, this output can give you hints about what’s going wrong (see FAQ) - and please feel free to post relevant extracts here for us to help with the troubleshooting :slight_smile: