Sonarqube not reflecting the modified code in UI

Sonarqube version- 7.6
H2 Database-Builtin

When developer ran the code for first time issues were reported.
Developer resolved the issues in code and ran the analysis again but the issues is still shown in the dashboard under Issue category though, under code field in sonarqube UI shows the modified code.

Under Vulnerability this below issue is shown

though under Code the modified code is reflected

You’ll notice that the issue message is very diffreent between the two screenshots, and indeed the original issues has been fixed but now a different issue has been raised (as the code now violates thee rule Sections of code should not be commented out.

SonarQube is behaving as expected. You should remove the commented line of code! (// e.printStackTrace();)

hey @Susmitha, can you please look at this and help me fix as this is somewhat similar to your issue.

Exactly Suhas.That was the issue we are facing!

@Susmitha In my case, even the modified code isn’t reflected in the ‘Code’ section of the project.

Ok.In our case it the code under Issues section is not getting modified after subsequent scans.We want the same code that is available under the Code should be reflected under Issues.
@Colin I agree the new issue is the Commented out code but the old issue should have got removed right.The new Code changes are not reflecting under Issues category for that particular line.The old code is not getting modified after subsequent scans under Issues section.

We have removed the comment part even now the same issue persists.Adding the Screenshot

Under Code the modified code appears as below

The issue is gone, but the line is highlighted in yellow because the line has been changed. SonarQube seems to continue to be functioning as expected!

Yes I understand that issue is gone under the Code section only… If u the image above the last pic under issue category…the issue is not gone.Please help me in this.

Please refer to the duplicated thread for the detailed issue what we are facing.


Awaiting for an answer.

Any help is appreciated.Thanks.