SonarQube Docker ignores @SuppressWarnings

used version: SonarQube Docker 8.1 Community beta

we are ignoring a issue with the @SuppressWarnings(“squid:S2095”)-Tag in our code.

The reason why we do this is, that the session at this line is closing the JMS and we do not have to close it explicit again.
The SQUID of this error is S2095.

In the analyse, SonarQube is ignoring our @SuppressWarnings-Tag and shows this line as a bug.

i guess this is a bug in the beta edition?


What version of the Java analyzer are you using? If you upgraded to 6.0, you’re running into a bug related to the rewrite of the analyzer.


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v6.0.1 is available for download on the Marketplace:

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Hello @ganncamp and @Alexandre_Gigleux,
could it be that the bug re-occured?
I’m using
SonarQube 8.2 Enterprise
Java Code Quality and Security 6.3
Findbugs 4.0.0

In my code I try to suppress issues for the rule “findsecbugs:PATH_TRAVERSAL_IN” on method level.
But I get an issue in the method for this rule.

Hi @bugbouncer,

You’re talking about a Findbugs rule. The Java analyzer can only suppress its own issues.