SonarQube - capturing unit test coverage

TBI team is able to run SonarQube scans on our 3 applications. The scans/code reports are being uploaded , but we are having problems with capturing unit test coverage for our websites, which run in IIS webserver. The current unittest run fine using vstestconsole, but this tool is unable to attach to IIS websites during a test execution.
You can see the current report for FreeForm have zero coverage detected on FreeFormclient(website). (see image below)

Looking at the specs for sonarqube, it can read/convert coverage reports from DotCover, OpenCover and Coverlet. I think these tools are able to capture code coverage on IIS .net websites.

Hello @kafeel

Please could you clarify a bit what issue you are facing, I am not sure I understand.

Also please try to take a look at the following two links, which might help you overcome the issue you are facing.

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