SonarQube 8 LTS and Java 8

Hello @ganncamp,

I already asked this in SonarQube 7.9 LTS Released but propabaly it is better asked in a separate thread:

  • Currently JDK 11 is a only a requirement on the SonarQube server side, the analysis side still supports Java 8.
  • Will Java 8 still be supported on the analysis side with SonarQube 8 LTS?
  • JDK providers like e.g. adoptopenjdk plan to support Java 8 until 2023 so no immediate hurry is needed IMO.

Thanks in advance for an answer


The 8.x LTS is still a long ways off, the expectation (nothing is settled until it is actually done) is that SonarQube will begin requiring Java 11 on the scanner side sometime in the v8.x release cycle.

While there may be support for Java 8 from certain vendors until 2023… to use Java 11 features on the language analyzer side (and to prepare for the future!), that transition period starts earlier!

Is there a specific reason this concerns you?


Well, I manage an (Enterprise) instance for >400 developers and not all projects are on their way to use a recent JDK. Anything helps to nudge projects a bit :slight_smile: