Sonarqube 7.7 and SonarLint for Groovy & java projects

I am using Sonarqube 7.7 community edition for evaluation. In my application, there are groovy and java projects. My aim is to integrate sonarqube in build pipeline and leverage a tool to run the same rules in local IDE. In this I have the following questions.

  1. Is there any plugin which I can use for code review of groovy files integrated with Sonarqube. Can this plugin work with sonarlint?
    2.I have installed sonarlint in eclipse working in connected mode with sonarqube 7.7 community edition. In sonarqube I have installed PMD and the rules are active . But in sonarlint the PMD rules are not getting applied.


Third party analyzers are not executed in SonarLint, so it’s not possible currently to analyze Groovy with SonarLint. See Frequently asked questions