SonarQube 6.7.x is taking 31 hrs to scan 658k lines of code using sonar scanner 3.4. However with sonar qube 5.6.x it use to take only 30 mins

(Harshal Bhavsar) #23

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Hi Michael,

Please find my response
#1 - Yes tried with maven scanner also. It takes similar time
#2 - Current configuration is 16 CPU and 16 GB Ram. Its virtual machine with non-ssd drive
#3 - This is a bit difficult to segregate since I am running it using jenkins which downloads code from Git repository
#4 - Yes tried this option earlier. It takes little bit less time but still more than 24 hrs
#5 - After disabling these rule. Time came down drastically to 2hrs now but no of bugs and code smells also reduced drastically
#6 - I had given only since start. I tried to point it to empty directory but analysis failed as not able to find any classes inside

I am attaching latest logs after disabling given rule sets. Let me know further course of action