SonarLint IntelliJ: "File won't be refreshed because there were errors during analysis" for every file when in connected mode

Every time I use SonarLint in connected mode, I see an error for every file in my project saying:

File won’t be refreshed because there were errors during analysis: [File Path]

Otherwise, when not in connected mode, SonarLint finds 2.5k issues. When connected it finds 0. Seems to be connected correctly. I am using IntelliJ Ultimate 2019.2, latest SonarLint, and SonarQube 7.1.


Hello, thank you for your feedback.

I see two probable causes for this discrepancy:

  • The language analyzer version is probably different on your server than that embedded in SonarLint
  • There can be settings on your server that lead to this analysis error (e.g file encoding)

In any case and as per the FAQ, enabling “Analysis logs” in the SonarLint console view can help diagnose what is going wrong with the analysis of your files.

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