SonarLint - Failed to update the following projects

Also, posted issue on the StackOverflow.

I’m getting following issue:
Failed to update the following projects: Please check if the server bindings are updated and the module key is correct: [module_name]


  • Bindings are updated successfully
  • module_name is correct because it shows up in the Project dropdown values (along with other known module names)
  • IntelliJ Plugin with Sonarsource v.
  • IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2020.3

Hi @jkim1 ,

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Can you please attach the entire set of logs? See below:

SonarLint for IntelliJ

How to get SonarLint for IntelliJ logs?

  1. Open the SonarLint tool window ( View > Tool Windows > Sonarlint )
  2. Enable Verbose output and Analysis logs

  1. Reproduce the issue (e.g. reopen the offending file)

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Hi @Joe ,

Thanks for your reply. With security concerns, I may not able to share the whole log, BUT with your suggestion above, I was able to find additional information. (And there isn’t a lot useful or relevant information other than information below anyways.)

It looks like, right before it failed, it had GET 401 due to configuration of SiteMinder agent along with NTLM, or simply due to unsuccessful credential redirect.

Would this be normal behavior, or can there be fix to address this issue within plugin?

HI @jkim1 ,

It sounds like you may have a corporate proxy, can you check that the “Enable Proxy” button is selected and that you have the correct Proxy Settings set up? You can “Check Connection” in the HTTP Proxy setup in intelliJ preferences and verify you can communicate with the internet too.