SonarLint Eclipse warning at startup

I have updated my Eclipse installation to 2020-06 (running on a macOS host if it matters) and as part of that process, SonarLint has updated to 5.3.0.

When I start Eclipse a small dialog pops up outside of the Eclipse window:

If I click on the “More details…” link a new dialog appears that simply states “Some analyzers can not be loaded”.

It doesn’t seem to be affecting my ability to analyse Javascript files but I am curious as to how I find out what it is complaining about and how to resolve it.


Hello, welcome to the community and thank you for your feedback!

This is a strange behavior indeed. IIRC the “More details…” link should show a message stating why SonarLint did not manage to load or activate one of the analyzers. It was initially implemented as a way to tell developers that e.g SonarLint did not find a Node.js runtime (which is required by recent versions of the JS and TS analyzer).

As per the FAQ, could you please enable “Verbose output” and “Analysis logs” in the “SonarLint console”, and check for messages when the popup appears?

Here is the verbose output from the console (I’ve obfuscated some path names for confidentiality reasons):

Starting SonarLint for Eclipse
Trigger: STARTUP
Clear markers on 0 excluded files
SonarLint processing file /xxxxxxx/WebUI/xxxxxxx.js...
Wrote build info to: /Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.projects/xxxxxxx/org.sonarlint.eclipse.core/sonarlint6386875721067468648/build-wrapper-dump.json
Standalone mode (project not bound)
Starting analysis with configuration:
  baseDir: /Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx
  extraProperties: {sonar.cfamily.useCache=false,}
  excludedRules: [javascript:S105, javascript:S1451, javascript:S1537, php:S101, php:S1066, php:S1068, php:S107, php:S1075, php:S108, php:S1109, php:S1110, php:S1116, php:S1117, php:S112, php:S1125, php:S1126, php:S1134, php:S1135, php:S114, php:S1142, php:S1144, php:S1145, php:S115, php:S1172, php:S1185, php:S1192, php:S121, php:S125, php:S1264, php:S127, php:S1301, php:S131, php:S138, php:S1448, php:S1479, php:S1481, php:S1488, php:S1599, php:S1600, php:S1603, php:S1605, php:S1656, php:S1697, php:S1751, php:S1763, php:S1764, php:S1788, php:S1848, php:S1854, php:S1862, php:S1871, php:S1998, php:S2004, php:S2010, php:S2014, php:S2041, php:S2053, php:S2115, php:S2123, php:S2201, php:S2251, php:S2681, php:S2737, php:S2757, php:S3358, php:S3626, php:S3699, php:S3776, php:S3801, php:S3923, php:S3972, php:S3973, php:S3981, php:S3984, php:S4144, php:S4423, php:S4426, php:S4433, php:S4524, php:S4830, php:S836, php:S905, php:S907, python:BackticksUsage, python:ExecStatementUsage, python:InequalityUsage, python:PreIncrementDecrement, python:PrintStatementUsage, python:S100, python:S101, python:S1066, python:S107, python:S108, python:S1110, python:S1134, python:S116, python:S117, python:S1186, python:S1192, python:S1226, python:S125, python:S1481, python:S1542, python:S1656, python:S1700, python:S1716, python:S1751, python:S1763, python:S1764, python:S1845, python:S1854, python:S1862, python:S1871, python:S2053, python:S2115, python:S2190, python:S2711, python:S2734, python:S2737, python:S2757, python:S2772, python:S3358, python:S3516, python:S3626, python:S3776, python:S3827, python:S3923, python:S3981, python:S4143, python:S4144, python:S4423, python:S4426, python:S5445, python:S5527, python:S5603, python:S5632, python:S930]
  includedRules: [Web:AvoidHtmlCommentCheck, Web:ComplexityCheck, Web:DoubleQuotesCheck, Web:DynamicJspIncludeCheck, Web:FileLengthCheck, Web:HeaderCheck, Web:IllegalElementCheck, Web:IllegalNamespaceCheck, Web:IllegalTagLibsCheck, Web:ImgWithoutWidthOrHeightCheck, Web:InlineStyleCheck, Web:InputWithoutLabelCheck, Web:InternationalizationCheck, Web:JspScriptletCheck, Web:LinkToNothingCheck, Web:LinksIdenticalTextsDifferentTargetsCheck, Web:LongJavaScriptCheck, Web:MaxLineLengthCheck, Web:MouseEventWithoutKeyboardEquivalentCheck, Web:MultiplePageDirectivesCheck, Web:PageWithoutFaviconCheck, Web:RequiredAttributeCheck, Web:S1436, Web:S1829, Web:UnclosedTagCheck, Web:UnifiedExpressionCheck, Web:WhiteSpaceAroundCheck, Web:WmodeIsWindowCheck, javascript:S100, javascript:S101, javascript:S103, javascript:S104, javascript:S106, javascript:S1066, javascript:S1067, javascript:S107, javascript:S109, javascript:S1105, javascript:S1119, javascript:S1121, javascript:S1125, javascript:S113, javascript:S1131, javascript:S1134, javascript:S1135, javascript:S1145, javascript:S1154, javascript:S117, javascript:S1172, javascript:S1186, javascript:S1192, javascript:S121, javascript:S122, javascript:S1226, javascript:S125, javascript:S126, javascript:S131, javascript:S134, javascript:S135, javascript:S138, javascript:S139, javascript:S1438, javascript:S1440, javascript:S1441, javascript:S1442, javascript:S1488, javascript:S1517, javascript:S1525, javascript:S1526, javascript:S1528, javascript:S1530, javascript:S1531, javascript:S1532, javascript:S1535, javascript:S1539, javascript:S1541, javascript:S1697, javascript:S1774, javascript:S1821, javascript:S1848, javascript:S1994, javascript:S2138, javascript:S2208, javascript:S2234, javascript:S2260, javascript:S2310, javascript:S2376, javascript:S2392, javascript:S2424, javascript:S2427, javascript:S2428, javascript:S2508, javascript:S2549, javascript:S2550, javascript:S2611, javascript:S2685, javascript:S2713, javascript:S2714, javascript:S2715, javascript:S2716, javascript:S2762, javascript:S2769, javascript:S2770, javascript:S2817, javascript:S2873, javascript:S2898, javascript:S3002, javascript:S3003, javascript:S3271, javascript:S3353, javascript:S3358, javascript:S3402, javascript:S3498, javascript:S3499, javascript:S3504, javascript:S3509, javascript:S3512, javascript:S3513, javascript:S3514, javascript:S3523, javascript:S3524, javascript:S3525, javascript:S3533, javascript:S3626, javascript:S3696, javascript:S3723, javascript:S3735, javascript:S3757, javascript:S3758, javascript:S3759, javascript:S3760, javascript:S3776, javascript:S3786, javascript:S3798, javascript:S3800, javascript:S3801, javascript:S3827, javascript:S3828, javascript:S3863, javascript:S4144, javascript:S4326, javascript:S4624, javascript:S881, javascript:S909]
  ruleParameters: {}
  inputFiles: [
    file:/Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/WebUI/xxxxxxx.js (UTF-8)

Starting standalone SonarLint engine
Loading embedded analyzers...
  - /plugins/sonar-php-plugin-
  - /plugins/sonar-javascript-plugin-
  - /plugins/sonar-java-plugin-
  - /plugins/sonar-html-plugin-
  - /plugins/sonar-python-plugin-
Create : /Users/sdcandy/.sonarlint/plugins
Plugin cache: /Users/sdcandy/.sonarlint/plugins
Create : /Users/sdcandy/.sonarlint/plugins/_tmp
Load plugins
Plugin 'Java Code Quality and Security' is excluded because language 'JAVA' is not enabled. Skip loading it.
Load plugins (done) | time=1104ms
  * Python Code Quality and Security (python)
  * SonarHTML (web)
  * PHP Code Quality and Security (php)
  * JavaScript/TypeScript Code Quality and Security (javascript)
TypeScript sensor excluded
TypeScript sensor excluded
Available languages:
  * PHP => "php"
  * Python => "py"
  * HTML => "web"
  * JSP => "jsp"
  * JavaScript => "js"
  * TypeScript => "ts"
Start analysis
Declared extensions of language PHP were converted to php: **/*.php,**/*.php3,**/*.php4,**/*.php5,**/*.phtml,**/*.inc
Declared extensions of language Python were converted to py: **/*.py
Declared extensions of language HTML were converted to web: **/*.html,**/*.xhtml,**/*.cshtml,**/*.vbhtml,**/*.aspx,**/*.ascx,**/*.rhtml,**/*.erb,**/*.shtm,**/*.shtml
Declared extensions of language JSP were converted to jsp: **/*.jsp,**/*.jspf,**/*.jspx
Declared extensions of language JavaScript were converted to js: **/*.js,**/*.jsx,**/*.vue
Declared extensions of language TypeScript were converted to ts: **/*.ts,**/*.tsx
Index files
Language of file 'file:/Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/WebUI/xxxxxxx.js' is detected to be 'js'
1 file indexed
'PHP sensor' skipped because there is no related file in current project
'Analyzer for "php.ini" files' skipped because there is no related file in current project
'Python Sensor' skipped because there is no related file in current project
Execute Sensor: HTML
Execute Sensor: JavaScript analysis
Deploying bundle
Deploying eslint-bridge into /Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/.sonarlint/default/.sonartmp_14145183669514302013/eslint-bridge-bundle
Deploying bundle (done) | time=111688ms
Starting server
Looking for TypeScript recursively in /Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx
TypeScript dependency was not found inside project directory, Node.js will search TypeScript using module resolution algorithm; analysis will fail without TypeScript.
Using default Node.js executable: '/Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/.sonarlint/default/.sonartmp_14145183669514302013/eslint-bridge-bundle/package/node_modules/run-node/run-node'.
Checking Node.js version
Launching command /Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/.sonarlint/default/.sonartmp_14145183669514302013/eslint-bridge-bundle/package/node_modules/run-node/run-node -v
Using Node.js v12.18.3.
Starting Node.js process to start eslint-bridge server at port 60253
Launching command /Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/.sonarlint/default/.sonartmp_14145183669514302013/eslint-bridge-bundle/package/node_modules/run-node/run-node /Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/.sonarlint/default/.sonartmp_14145183669514302013/eslint-bridge-bundle/package/bin/server 60253
starting eslint-bridge server at port 60253
eslint-bridge server is running at port 60253
Starting server (done) | time=17089ms
1 source files to be analyzed
Initializing metadata of file file:/Volumes/sdcandy/Customers/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/WebUI/xxxxxxx.js
1/1 source files have been analyzed
Java-based frontend sensor [javascript]
1 source files to be analyzed
Java-based frontend sensor [javascript] (done) | time=985ms
1/1 source files have been analyzed
Found 88 issue(s)
0 entries removed from the store
Done in 145119 ms

There seems to be a warning about Java not being supported. I don’t believe I have that language enabled in Eclipse. There is also a warning about Typescript that I don’t understand!



I think this is a mistake on our side. Here the Java analyzer is disabled because I guess you don’t have JDT installed in your Eclipse. This is something that should not lead to a popup.

Ticket created:

Thanks for reporting it!