SonarLint Eclipse Plugin Configuration

I test SonarLint as Eclipse Plugin under windows. I have configured the Project in SOnarQube Developer Server.

  1. Now I see some configuration of rules in Eclipse but I missing this for C/C++. Is this only on the server configurable?
  2. The report in the SonarLint Report view dosn’t contains all messages. How can I change it so that I see all issues?

Thanks for our help,

Hi @BerndM

Indeed, in Eclipse, SonarLint will only analyze C++ code when connected to a SonarQube server. And in connected mode, we are using rules configured in the quality profile of the bound project.

There are some rules that can’t be executed in SonarLint. I suggest you read the FAQ to know more. If you still think there is a problem, and SonarLint should report the issue, please give us enough details to investigate: the rule key you are expecting to see, and the code snippet that should produce the issue.