SonarCloud Pull Request integration with multiple builds


(Bill Benjamin) #24

+1 This is a huge pain for us, as well. We can work around the issue by triggering the Pull Request Builds manually, one at a time, but this really defeats the ease of use and we are dependent on developers following this process to prevent new issues getting into our codebase

(Alex Denton) #25

+1 Throwing my hat in the ring here. I very much want this feature as well.

One PR with multiple Sonar projects: PR decoration are erased by the last sonar analysis
(Alex Denton) #26

@Fabrice_Bellingard I don’t see anything on your product roadmap for this functionality. I wonder if you could give us a better sense of the timeline? Is this something you’d like to get does this quarter? This year? Next year? Not scheduled? Is it in the bottom of the pile or in the middle or unprioritized?

I understand these are difficult questions. If the honest answer is “don’t know” I can accept that but I will want to find my own work-arounds.


(Fabrice Bellingard) #27

Hi Alex, Bill, Joao, Stephen and Greg,

Situation has not changed since my last post 3 weeks ago:

Be sure that on my side, this issue is definitely in my radar. As you pointed out @Alex_Denton, this is quite tricky, especially given the the way scanners and analyses are currently designed. There is no obvious and quick solution which comes to mind, and this needs to be investigated in depth with team mates who know the Microsoft world very well (and they’re very busy those days…).

If I had to give an estimated timeframe when I feel we’ll be able to investigate this in depth, I’d say in about 2 months from now.

(Alex Denton) #29

I appreciate that. It definitely helps with planning on my side. I’ll be greatly looking forward to this feature.

Thanks to and your team for your hard work!

(Max) #30

+1 would be very welcome feature.