SonarCloud bot not updating github PR check

Anyone having issues with sonarcloud bot for the past few days?

We are using SonarSource/sonarcloud-github-action@v1.3, close and reopen PR seems fixed the issue for us.

From our log seems the failed build submitted this task, and for some reason not pickup by the sonarcloud bot:


Are you still experiencing this issue ? If yes and your repo is open source could you share a link to it ?

Sorry, our project(id: mattrglobal_platform) is currently private, This issue only happen intermittently, as you can see in the following screenshot, the task was complete successfully, but PR check SonarCloud Code Analysis was not updated.

We’re investigating a similar issue, that may be also interesting for you to follow as it unfolds. We’ll circle back to this thread once that one is cleared up. I think likely the problem and solution will be the same, or we will gain new insight that will be useful here. Please stay tuned.

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Sorry for the long silence. I believe this is the same issue that we are investigating on another thread. See this post for a workaround, until we have a better solution. I close this thread now as it’s a duplicate, please follow the other one instead.