Sonar Python not showing test coverage

Hi Sonar community,

We have just started integrating Sonar as our primary code analysis tool.
Unfortunately we are unable to measure code coverage using it.
We use Jenkins as our CI tool which in turn we use to trigger Sonarscanner which works flawlessly.
With Circle CI we used to run
coverage run -m unittest discover src/python/tests
and pass coverage.xml
Unfortunately we are unable to get it working with sonar, which still shows 0% coverage.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Even the PR branch shows NO code. So all tests(sonar tests not unit tests) are passing.
Using Jenkins as CI tool.
We just bought SonarQube and unfortunately nothing is working. :frowning:

Update: PR analysis is running but all images on github are broken

I guess looking at this thread can help you: No Python code coverage even though report is being processed