Sonar Gradle Coverage Stopped Publishing

We’re using the gradle plugin 2.8, and sonarcloud. As of January 3rd, all of our coverage reports (via jacoco) stopped showing up in sonarcloud for some reason. Did anything change on the sonarcloud side that would cause this to be the case?

I am now seeing that the jacoco.reportPaths property is no longer valid, as a warning in the sonarcloud side, but the sonar gradle plugin seems to mention that it’s the preferred way to configure jacoco.

If something did change, how can I stay tuned to these changes going forward and what we do we need to do on our end to get coverage reports to start showing back up?

I was using the totally default sonarqube config in gradle.

Hi Hamel,

Yes sonar.jacoco.reportPaths is no longer supported. You should have the following log:

WARN Property 'sonar.jacoco.reportPaths' is no longer supported. Use JaCoCo's xml report and sonar-jacoco plugin.

We are sorry that you didn’t see this warning before.

Now only the jacoco XML format is supported, here is a guide: