Sonar Cloud/Quality Gate failing code coverage

Hi All,

When we raise a PR, we are facing an issue while publishing the Azure Devops code coverage results to sonar, but we are able to download the report from azure devops and we are able to see the code coverage locally.

Since today morning, we are facing the issue, earlier it was working fine. Please look into the issue and help ASAP.


Hi, and sorry for the late response.

Can you please clarify the problem you are facing? Is coverage missing completely or partially?

I am not aware of recent changes at our side that could affect code coverage processing. We will need more details to investigate this:

  • The output of the scanner: there should be log lines in there about the coverage files imported, or when importing fails, for example due to missing files or content errors.
  • The languages analyzed, the coverage reporting tool you used, and how you configure passing the report files to the analysis.

If your project is private, we will contact you in a private thread for details. In the meantime, please share what details you can in public.

@Naveen_kumar , was this resolved? were you able to get the code coverage back?
Because I’m facing the same issue since a month now

@janos, could you help me on this as well?
I’ve even posted the same question today