Slow run of Load/download plugins

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  • ALM used Azure DevOps
  • CI system used Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository c#
  • Error observed

When running the scanner on a hosted build agent in Azure I observe that loading/download of plugins are really slow

User cache: /home/vsts/.sonar/cache
INFO: Load/download plugins
INFO: Load plugins index
INFO: Load plugins index (done) | time=74ms
INFO: Load/download plugins (done) | time=23846ms
INFO: Loaded core extensions: developer-scanner
INFO: Found an active CI vendor: 'Azure DevOps'

What can be done to make this run faster.

Hey there.

Unfortunately – there’s not much that can be done. ~250 MB of analyzer data needs to be downloaded and there’s no reliable caching mechanism that can be used on Azure DevOps Pipelines like is available on some other CIs.

I have two points to share:

  • We know downloads take longer when the version of Java used to run the scanner is 14+ (as Pack200 compression is no longer supported). It’s something worth double-checking, although your scanner environment is most likely on Java 11.
  • Eventually, we would like to do get these resources hosted on a CDN to improve availability. We aren’t there today

Just to have some numbers – how long does the rest of your build/analysis take? We know this is uniquely painful on smaller projects with otherwise short builds.

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Hey @nlunn,

We recently improved the way we download plugins by deploying multi-region CDN for it. Have you noticed any improvements?


Hi Colin,

You say 250 MB of analyzer data ‘needs’ to be downloaded? But when I look at what is being downloaded it has files which are totally irrelevant to our project C# eg Scala, Groovy, flex, cpp etc.

If we had an option to select which data analyzers to download that would reduce the time by 90%+.

I have attached an image from our logs



Welcome David :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info Gilbert and also your efforts in trying to get this issue resolved.

Will refrain from hijacking in future. Cheers.