Scanning C code as part of a Maven project that is primarily Java

SonarQube v 8.9.1, SonarScanner v 4.2.0

I’m working on a project that is mostly Java and uses the Sonar plugin as part of a Maven build process. This works great for the Java code, but then there is a small part of the project that is written in C that does not get scanned by the Sonar Maven plugin. I have read the documentation on scanning C, involving the Build Wrapper and reading from the Build Wrapper output directory during the scan, and was wondering if there is a best practice for incorporating this into the Maven build we already use to compile both the Java and the C code. We are able to run separate scans, one for the Java through the Maven plugin and one for the C from the command line, but we would like this to all be packaged up into the Maven build.

TL;DR: What is the best way to scan both Java and C code from one Maven configuration?

Hi @jcurley ,

you can do it by doing something like:

# wrap the build of both java and c++ with build-wrapper
build-wrapper --out-dir cfamily-compdb mvn clean build

# launch maven sonar scanner
mvn sonar:sonar
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Hi @mpaladin ,

Thanks for the response! Works as advertised.


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