Possible db migration error when updating to Sonarqube Enterprise 9.8.0 with MSSQL


Followup, updated both our Sonarqube Enterprise (running with MSSQL) test installations today.

Test 1
9.8.0 (after the manual DB patch, mentioned above) > 9.9.0
Test 2
9.7.1 (running and updated since 5.6) > 9.9.0

and the DB migration ran smooth.

Note =
mssql-jdbc-auth has to be updated to mssql-jdbc_auth-11.2.2.x64.dll, as Sonarqube
now ships with mssql-jdbc-11.2.2.jre17.jar and - as this filename already reveals -
Sonarqube runs on Java 17 now, Java 11 doesn’t work anymore.


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