Official SonarCloud GitHub Action fails to resolve paths due to workspace difference

I have removed my .gitignore file but same issue…

2024-05-07T08:28:50.3239004Z 08:28:50.323 DEBUG: Using pattern 'coverage.xml' to find reports
2024-05-07T08:28:50.3618611Z 08:28:50.361 INFO: Python test coverage
2024-05-07T08:28:50.3640010Z 08:28:50.363 INFO: Parsing report '/github/workspace/coverage.xml'
2024-05-07T08:28:50.4113409Z 08:28:50.410 WARN: Invalid directory path in 'source' element: /home/runner/work/seedboxsync/seedboxsync/seedboxsync
2024-05-07T08:28:50.4121330Z 08:28:50.411 ERROR: Cannot resolve the file path '' of the coverage report, the file does not exist in all 'source'.
2024-05-07T08:28:50.4240339Z 08:28:50.423 ERROR: Cannot resolve 26 file paths, ignoring coverage measures for those files

Hi @edamonoomph,
you can find documentation about the way SonarCloud manages the .gitignore in the Analysis scope page.