[Java:S100] Define regular exressions for naming conventions

The rule S100 together with other naming convention rules should accept a regular expression for the naming convension or possible more than one.

Even if Java suggests naming conventions some companies may define different conventions. Maybe the difference is just about an underscore to be accepted additionally to the default. It would be a pity to deactivate these nice rules at all just because of that.

Hello Marvin,

Just to be sure, are you speaking about findings getting out of SonarLint?

Because S100 has been implemented from the start to be configurable using regular expressions: Just check it on SonarQube: java:S100

Now, in order to get it’s configuration, as usual, you would need to connect your project to a SonarQube instance (and I know you started a discussion already about sharing these configurations, so I would not continue this here).

Regarding configuration directly in SonarLint, not all IDE-flavors of SonarLint support custom configuration yet, but I think it’s on its way.

EDIT: and according to this release announcement, it should be already possible on Eclipse.


Hey, Michael,

wow, shame on me! I totally missed that.

No, I wasn’t talking about Lint, but about Qube. So, this is all fine here. Sorry for the false alarm.


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