Java 11 is deprecated as a runtime env to scan your projects

Just like said in this post Java 11 is set to deprecate on 1/15/24

“This project was scanned using Java 11 runtime. Starting from Jan 15, 2024, SonarCloud will stop accepting scans that are started with Java 11. We highly recommend moving your configuration to Java 17+.”

Though we’re using SonarCloud. A GitHub App we installed. This is a SaaS tool, configured on your end, why would I need to update anything on my end?

Hi @danielzev,

Analysis uses Java - installed and called in your build environment / CI/CD - to run. So you’ll need to make sure the version of Java it’s using is upgraded to Java 17.


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Are you using the latest version of the sonarsource/sonarcloud-scan (2.0)?

Using 1.0

Should I use version 2.0?

Hi @Sunil_Bobbala,

Upgrading Java on Bitbucket isn’t really in our scope. What I can say is that this has nothing to do with your sonar.projectVersion value. Instead, this is about the version of Java installed on your build agent and used by your BB job.


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What is the minimum required version for the Gradle plugin, because it’s not in the table above.
We have 3.3, and it seems ok (the warning disappeared once Gradle was running on Java 17).

Which brings me to another question: is it enough if on the PR that changes CI to 17 the warning is not showing any more? (i.e. how to verify that we’ve upgraded correctly?)


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No warnings means you’re good.


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Hey! We do use Java 17 on our running agent, but we still see a warning. Could you please assist on how we can mitigate this?

Hey there.

Have you reanalyzed the main branch of your project recently?