Is it possible to split analysis and test coverage into two separate/independet CI-build steps?

In our current CI (gitlab-ci, but that does not really matter) building and testing is done in two separate steps and isolated docker instances. So in the first the software is built, then the tests are uploaded as artifact and later downloaded into a new docker instance to run the nunit-tests.

Adding SonarScanner.MSBuild.exe to the build step worked fine. I was however not able to find information on how or even if I can upload/merge the nunit results of the tests, as SonarScanner requires msbuild to be run.

Thus: Is this possible at all? Maybe by adding the .sonarqube directory to the artifact and running “end” later?


There is no way to update an existing analysis. Further, even if you ran your tests before the analysis step, you would need to make sure the paths in the test report matched up with the paths that were found during analysis. Otherwise the files in the test reports would be “unknown”.

Sorry. I know this isn’t want you want to hear.


No, not what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the quick answer anyway. Would be a cool features though, as it would allow to distribute tests on multiple machines.