In SonarQube 8.2, code coverage is always showing 0%

SonarQube scanner version : 2.8
SonarQube version : 8.2
Jacoco plugin version : 0.1.4
Android Syudio version : 3.5.3
Gradle version : 4.6

I have run an application on SonarQube 7.7 and was able to see the Code coverage as 48% on the dashboard.

I am trying to run this android application on SonarQube 8.2. I have included test cases for almost all the classes and are successful. However code coverage on SonarQube dashboard is always 0 %.

Please suggest the changes need to be done.


Welcome to the community!

Are you generating a test coverage report and feeding that into analysis?


Yes, test coverage report is generated.
Please find screenshot below.

Suggest if we are doing it the right way.


This guide might help: [Coverage & Test Data] Importing JaCoCo coverage report in XML format