How to update build-in plugins in SonarQube LTS?

The LTS releases (8.9.x) seems not get updated with new releases of build-in plugins (e.g. sonar dotnet).
How to update these plugins manually if I need to stay on the LTS release?


During the 8-series (sorry, the exact version escapes me) we bundled all SonarSource plugins deeper into the distro, moving them from being plugins to libraries. As such, they’re no longer independently upgradable, and that became the case for the 7.9 LTS as well at some point.

If you want upgraded analysis, you’ll need to upgrade your entire SonarQube distribution.


When we can expect the 9.x LTS?


Current E.T.A. is somewhere around Nov. 2022.


Hey @lg2de

Take a look here!