How to setup sonarqube inside aws codebuild

i want to setup sonarqube inside aws codebuild for devops pipeline. i am using dotnet proejct and i want to setup code quality in sonarqube using aws codebuild in aws environment.

What SonarScanner do you usually use with your project?
You will just have to run it as usual in the CI, configuring using the yml configuration file for that CI tool. We don’t have specific documentation about this integration.
Here is an example with Scanner for Maven:

i am able push the package into sonar qube and my project is displayed in sonar dashboard.
but i am not able to see the issues like unused variables, duplicate files, etc into my sonar dashboard.
iam using the below command

dotnet tool install --global dotnet-sonarscanner --version 3.3
dotnet sonarscanner begin /k:$SONAR_PROJECT_KEY /n:$SONAR_PROJECTNAME /v:$SONAR_PROJECTVERSION /$SONAR_HOST /d:sonar.login=$SONAR_LOGIN /d:sonar.verbose=true /d:sonar.sources=$CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR /d:sonar.home=$CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR
dotnet sonarscanner begin /k:$SONAR_PROJECT_KEY /$SONAR_HOST /d:sonar.verbose=true
dotnet build
dotnet test /p:CollectCoverage=true /p:CoverletOutputFormat=opencover
dotnet sonarscanner end /d:sonar.login=$SONAR_LOGIN

Are you sure there should be something to see? Can you provide a code snippet where you would expect some issues?

Are you able to see any issues at all?

Can you please share the output of the scanner commands you executed?

Can you please share the link to the project on SonarCloud?

If the code and the project are private let me know, we can move to a private thread.

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