Global setting for branch patterns


So i recently started using sonar could developer edition. Now there is one thing i can’t get to work. I would like to change the branch pattern on a global level, so every single project gets that setting since i will end up with 100+ projects eventually.

If this is not possible is there then a way for me to do it per project through API? I create projects with Jenkins and the API so i could change it through that as well, but can’t find anything around this in the docs.



Second this feature either configuration passed as part of the project, of a global configuration for the organisation. Currently this has to be done post first build which is time consuming and when new projects are added will cause a level of confusion.

So forgive my ignorance but you are saying that this is not possible at the moment?

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Checkout my comment here:

Thanks Colin,

I’m personally okay with not having an organization level setting for this as long as i can hit it with an api of some sort, i don’t want to go in manually and change this for each project.