GitHub checks are no longer reporting

We are on a private account so please PM us if you need more details.

Our PRs on are no longer mergeable for the past hour since SonarCloud does not seem to notify We’ve seen this sporadically in the past but re-running our pipelines is not helping today.

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Same problem reported in this thread: Anyone seeing issues with Bitbucket PR

All tasks for the past 22 hours show up here as “PENDING” requests<some_task_id>

Hi @sodul and @qctimd

Is this issue resolved on your side ? As you may have seen in other topics, we had an incident, which is mitigaged, so wanted to make sure that we can close this thread.


@mickaelcaro yes, SonarCloud started working again after over 24hs of outage.

We are still looking for:

  • a post mortem of what happened, and why it took so long to react while many paying customers where posting for help in the forums.
  • what new processes and tools will be put in place so that paying customers can escalate quickly in such cases.

Thanks, all of those are in progress, be sure that we will keep you posted in the “main” thread.

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