Getting started with SonarQube Lint in Visual Studio Code

I’m getting started with SonarQube (we have the community edition we are deploying with locally to mess around with).

I’m a little confused about how to get started with SQLint in VSC. I’ve got the extension installed.
Am I able to process my code somehow? Or is it only checking new code that I write/edit?

Also, I assume I can do this without establishing a connection to our SQ deployment. But that once I get my project built and scanned then I would connect my IDE to that project to be able to leverage the settings and such…

Thanks in advance (sorry for the noob question)


Out of the box, SonarLint for VS Code supports analysis of JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, PHP and HTML. Issues should be reported as soon as you open a file with one of the supported languages.

Connected mode with SonarQube unlocks analysis of SalesForce Apex and T-SQL, as well as synchronization of settings (rule activations, file eclusions) and issue suppressions.

Note that SonarLint is not meant to replace a SonarQube scanner: it will analyze the code of the files that you open in your IDE, but it will not push analysis results to SonarQube.

In order to check that your files are analyzed and as mentioned in the SonarLint FAQ, you can check the SonarLint output console in VSCode.