Failing Azure DevOps Pipelines showing as green after Sonarqube version upgrade from 8.7 to 8.9 LTS

Versions used: Sonarqube 8.9 LTS, MS Azure DevOps Pipeline

Errors Observed:
In Sonarqube 8.7, Pipelines failed (show errors, indicated red) Sonarqube scan due to code coverage being below the required 90% gate.

However after 8.9 LTS upgrade, the failing Azure DevOps pipeline is showing as green. Pipelines pass (show green, Sonarqube errors no longer present for repos)


Potential Workaround:
We have done rollback to previous version 8.7 to address the issue.

Can you please help us determine why the failing pipeline is showing as passed(green) even though it failed? Please let me know if you still need more information.

Thanks in advanced.

Hello @mdondon
can you tell what edition you are using and what version of Azure Devops you are on?

As for failing pipelines in case of wrong quality gate status, this is not how SonarQube interacts with Azure Devops usually (not that I am aware of). Even if the PR Quality Gate is failed, the pipeline is expected to succeed and the merge is forbidden through a branch policy as described with How to block the merge of Pull Requests when SonarQube Quality Gate is failed, with Azure DevOps

Let me know