Error 500 when trying to create project that exists already (instead of 400) After upgrade to 9.7.1


We have some automation to provision our SQ Enterprise instance (automate creating project).

Since upgrade from Enterprise from 9.6 to 9.7.1 we got 500 errors (instead of 400) when we try to create a project with an existing key. (It only happens when project has data).

It’s not mega user friendly and raise error on SQ logs.

This is the stacktrace we have

2022.11.25 05:23:17 ERROR web[AYRlG4F28z1KNFNoBkbM][o.s.s.w.WebServiceEngine] Fail to process request http://****/api/projects/create?name=*****&project=****&visibility=private

org.apache.ibatis.exceptions.TooManyResultsException: Expected one result (or null) to be returned by selectOne(), but found: 59
113891at org.apache.ibatis.session.defaults.DefaultSqlSession.selectOne(
113892at org.apache.ibatis.binding.MapperMethod.execute(
113893at org.apache.ibatis.binding.MapperProxy$PlainMethodInvoker.invoke(
113894at org.apache.ibatis.binding.MapperProxy.invoke(

What’s going on here ?



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Hey there.

Thanks for the report! Take a look at this thread – I’m pretty sure it’s the same issue (and will get fixed a release coming soon)

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