Crash (IllegalStateException) during C++ analysis

Hi @Inok

the failure of C/C++ analyzer cannot be related to VisualSVN. It must be related to MinGW and its system header files, in your hello world you are probably including some system header files which includes big part of system library. In AppVeyor you have MinGW and it should let you reproduce the issue, if you can reproduce the issue in AppVeyor we will be able to help you, try to match MinGW version as it might also play a role.

Hi @Inok,

I managed to reproduce an issue we are facing with mingw gcc, I believe you are affected by this issue, I created a ticket on dev side: CPP-2126.

Hi @Inok,

version 6.2 of the C/C++ analyser has been released and made public in the marketplace including CPP-2126.

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