Code Coverage Results Not Posting

My code coverage results (using Vstest) are not posting to our sonarcloud project. Our results are showing in our Azure DevOps pipeline and the logs are showing that the conversion to a coveragexml file was successful (shown below). Can you please help assist as to why the results are not populating within sonarcloud.

Azure DevOps
Windows-19 Microsoft hosted agent

Executing file C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Enterprise\Team Tools\Dynamic Code Coverage Tools\CodeCoverage.exe
Args: analyze /output:D:\a\1\a\TestResults\VssAdministrator_WIN-VSCKTH1B0VS_2022-02-08_15_54_05\In\WIN-VSCKTH1B0VS\VssAdministrator_WIN-VSCKTH1B0VS_2022-02-08.15_53_57.coveragexml D:\a\1\a\TestResults\VssAdministrator_WIN-VSCKTH1B0VS_2022-02-08_15_54_05\In\WIN-VSCKTH1B0VS\VssAdministrator_WIN-VSCKTH1B0VS_2022-02-08.15_53_57.coverage
Working directory: D:\a\1\a\TestResults\VssAdministrator_WIN-VSCKTH1B0VS_2022-02-08_15_54_05\In\WIN-VSCKTH1B0VS
Timeout (ms):60000
Process id: 2000
Process returned exit code 0
Coverage report conversion completed successfully.



These are the same project after the same scan, results showing 7.22%coverage, but results do not populate in our sonar project.


Did you check the guides that we have on the topic?

Yes I have been using both to begin the process. Unfortunately, no success.

Wondering if I can share with you my logs, because we are still trying to get our code coverage results to upload.


I’ve sent you a private message (access it here) if you don’t want to share the logs publicly. Otherwise you can share them in this thread.

Please give us the verbose logs both for the Scanner for .NET and for MSBuild. And share the code coverage file if possible.


For the thread - the coverage conversion is successful, there must be a different issue when parsing them. Investigating in private thread.