C or C++ analysis for 3 operating systems

What do you recommend for sonarqube analysis and support for 3 operating systems?
I have #define_OS related to the operating system, do I have to run 3 different analyses (windows, mac and linux) or can I manage to run a single analysis in the IC?

Thank you

Hi @paolo.ghini

I took the freedom to move your post to a new thread to avoid mixing topics.

Because of all the #define and conditional compilation coming with them, you have 3 different pieces of code. They have similarities and they can also have significant divergences (think of all the standard headers that can be so different between compilers/platforms.)

In practice, running 3 analyses for 3 different platforms can raise a few different issues. They usually also have a vast overlap.

We do not yet have a built-in feature for that case. We want to work on it soon, though. Do not hesitate to upvote it there.

In the meantime, we have multiple ways to help handle the case of multiple analyses of the same code bases for different platforms.

  • Multiple projects and multiple branches are documented in that thread.
  • The same solutions are discussed there with the addition of monorepo if you are on the enterprise edition.

I hope it helps.

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