Analyses started taking 30+ minutes and timing out


My company uses Bitbucket Cloud for source control, integrated with Azure DevOps for our builds. Starting on March 7th, sometime between 12:26pm and 1:38pm EST, the SonarCloudPublish step started taking 30+ minutes and timing out our builds for one of our repositories (a single “project” in SonarCloud). It was initially a problem for all C# projects in the repo but quickly only was timing out the builds for 2 out of 5 of the C# projects. The SonarCloudAnalyze step finishes fine but SonarCloud times out when processing the results, so I presume the publish task is timing out because it’s waiting for confirmation the results were processed, which never happens.

At first it was happening for all branches, both PR runs and not, but now it’s only happening for analyses on our develop (marked as the main branch) and master branches. We have been told by SonarCloud that our issue was separate from the service issues SonarCloud was having on March 7th and 8th, and that we were adding 1300+ new files to be analyzed and to try to exclude some files, but from what I can tell we have always had that many files analyzed with no issue. We have tried file exclusions though to no avail. The 2 affected C# projects have a large amount of code and files, but again this shouldn’t be the issue as it was working before, and no significant amount of files had been added to the repository.

For now, we have removed all SonarCloud tasks from our builds for those 2 C# projects, but help or suggestions for things to try would be appreciated so we can add them back in. Thank you!


Hi @mallison ,

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Can you be more specific? Was there someone from SonarCloud speaking to you and recommending to exclude some files?

In any case, can you please provide the full ADO build logs with DEBUG level? I would like to see the current state of the issue that you are experiencing.

  • Add sonar.verbose=true to the extraProperties key in SonarQubePrepare task with Azure pipelines yaml

Please attach that file here or you can let me know if you prefer to share it privately and I’ll contact you separately.

In addition, please see the following guides that may be useful:

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Thanks for the response Joe! We were talking with John Babers and he passed on a note to us from the SonarCloud team about how we were adding a large amount of new files, and that we might want to try excluding them.

We will look into getting full debug logs, and at the guides you provided. In the meantime, would the existing logs (not debug) from our passing vs. failing builds be helpful to look at? I can get those tomorrow morning if they might be helpful. I would prefer sharing our logs privately though.

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