About `SonarSource/sonarcloud-github-c-cpp` action

Hello @LecrisUT

Aligning the names also allows for better visibility. It is a trade-off. I will report the suggestion to the teams.

This action aims to avoid boilerplates when using the Builld-Wrapper to configure the C and C++ analysis. It can also be used if you use a compilation database. It is still our recommended configuration. As you know, C and C++ tooling is very fragmented; multiplying documentation and actions for all combinations is not something we try to do even though we provide many examples with such combinations. Still, I acknowledge that cmake is the most widely used build system. However, C and C++ CIs also carry a wide variety and even if you use cmake for your build, there are many ways to do it. We have tried to come up with an action to analyze the code accounting for this variety. The current action is the best that could cope with it. About the documentation, can you please tell me what you feel is missing if you read the pointed SonarCloud C++ analysis documentation?

This is a brilliant example of the variety of use cases I mentioned earlier.

Please consider this a separate topic unrelated to the SonarCloud C/C++ GitHub action. We are aware of this limitation and of the constraint it puts on CI pipelines. The topic is under active consideration right now. Thanks for your patience. Feel free to follow the thread I mentioned.