Yarn test task taking so longer in azure pipeline for sonar analysis

yarn test task taking so longer in azure pipeline for sonar analysis, Is there any other option to add in pipeline ?

Hey there.

Presumably, the yarn task also takes this long when SonarCloud analysis is not included as a part of the pipeline, correct?

I am using “jestSonar”: {
“sonar56x”: true,
“reportPath”: “testResults”,
“reportFile”: “coverage.xml”,
“collectCoverageFrom” : “/src//*.tsx”,
“indent”: 4
}, in package.json and added theses properties in prepare sonar analysis task —>
Is need to add sonacloud analysis task also ?

Can you update any solution for this ?

Hey there.

You are reporting that yarn test is taking a while in your build – and I asked whether or not that’s still the case when SonarCloud is taken out of the picture. :slight_smile: You haven’t answered that yet, and it’s not clear from your last post what you expect help troubleshooting.

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sonar cloud analysis not added in task. I have added task which one in snip.