Workspace already in use


We have Sonar integrated with TFS and scheduled for runs, till last week everything was working fine.

We are suddenly getting below error in getting sources.

##[error]The working folder xxxxxxxxxxxxx is already in use by the workspace ws_14_57;Project Collection Build Service (TEAM FOUNDATION) on computer xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Is it something to do with Sonarqube? Could someone please guide me what are the various possibilities for this issue and resolution.

Hi @praveendavuluri16,

When does this error appear ? Is that on one of the SonarQube task ?


Hello Caro,

Thanks for your reply, we are encountering this error while Sonarqube is getting Source code from TFS.

Kind Regards,
Praveen Davuluri.

Does the agent checkout the code inside the same folder as a workspace ? I don’t know very well this feature, but the build agent should have it’s own “sandbox”.