Windriver diabdata supported?

I’m using SonarQube Developer Edition LTS 7.9.1, with build-wrapper version 6.4 (linux-x86) and SonarQube Scanner on CentOS 7.

I’m triyng to connect it with a legacy Windriver Diab compiler (dcc cross compiler for PPC), but I 'm stuck at build-wrapper step as it produces a quite empty build-wrapper-dump.json :

{ "version":0, "captures":[ ]}

I cannot find any statement about Windriver Diab compiler support, but I’ve seen it working for sure on a SonarQube server version 7.6.0 (not sure about the build-wrapper and scanner version used).

So my questions are :

  1. What is the support status about this compiler ?
  2. Does anybody manage to make build-wrapper work with diab compiler ?

Hi @Marc.Cleoron,

as stated in we support WindRiver GCC compiler. What is the name of the executable of the compiler you are using?

Hi @mpaladin,
It’s dcc aka Wind River Diab compiler
dcc --version

dcc Rel Copyright 1986-2013 Wind River Systems, Inc. build date and time: Aug 29 2013 23:19:07

Hi @Marc.Cleoron,

we unfortunately don’t support it, I created a ticket to track your request:

In the mean time, if you want to analyze your project, would you be able to compiler your project with a supported compiler?

Thanks a lot for your support @mpaladin.
Any idea of ETA ? As I wrote, it was once working, so perhaps the amout of work is not so huge.
I’ll try to make it work with gcc and see if it worth spending time on it, as it’s not the targeted compiler.

Hi @Marc.Cleoron,

I am not sure about that. It may work by chance on windows but never on linux.

No ETA, I am not sure it is going to come soon.


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